Formerly know as ParallelSight TWIN is the fastest solution to get a updateble DigitalTwin out of your BOM and PDM data.

BOM and PDM Data intelligently realtime processed without manual work.

With our machine learning algorithms you obtain a fully digital representation of your product in your desired format for visualization. You set the level of detail.

Everyday Updates

Twin is helping big enterprises to get always the approved and cleared data for their visualization. Everyday within a constantly changing product world. In connection with Sologic only the parts will be visualized that represent a buildable configuration.

Common Formats supported

If you need a PLMXML, DeltaGen Master or a Autodesk Maya 3D Modell or Unity or Unreal asset, TWIN delivers all. Just tell us your target application.

We are more than welcome to support your needs.

A Digital Twin for all stakeholders

Twin delivers one reliable and on the fly updatebale Digitaltwin of all stakeholders. Research and Delevopment (Collision detection), Product Management (Setup of packages), Sales and Marketing, (Country specific sales programmes), Production and Assembly Line, Aftersales and the customers with their specific view. You can rely that what you see is what you get.