The easiest way to get a 3D configurator.
Use our DigitalTwins. We centralize and automate your product data. Empower your customer journey. No matter if VR/AR/MR.
Get a instant render of your product.
We provide the solution to get in no time - any picture - any content - in any resolution, no matter which touchpoint or output device you desire.
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Unique DigitalTwin Configurator
Configure and experience your products in realtime with incredible detail on your mobile device anywhere in the world.
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Provide your stakeholders standarized 3D Data for all usecases.
Maya, Deltgen or VRED or FBX, we handle all your 3D Data request from all departments and external stakeholders. Let them order any data that they need.
Get your DigitalTwin!
Automatic Data Preperation
We build your Digital 3D Mastermodels with the maximum on efficiency.
Real time beauty images
Get instant beautiful images of your products without massive production costs with layered image generation process.
Gain speed Save money
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Discover the benefits of the DIGITAL TWIN for your business

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Welcome to the home of the Digital Twin.

The most interesting usecase of our Digital Twins are product configurators. Configurator build on our Digital Twin solution are not only impressively stunning but also very cost efficient.

The most powerful configurator to enable all stakeholder touchpoints

One solution delivers stunning visualizations and  data insights to all stakeholders exactly to their needs and during the entire product lifecycle.

Our Digital Twin Configurator features

Real time Digital Twin

No more tedious work to prep your product data to have a 3D model to configure and render your images. We build valid products instantly in real time.

Always correct visualization

Our process oriented approach enables you to present the approved, buildable and orderable product at any time, scaled throughout the globe.

Real time rendering

No more waiting: Get your product and configuration visualized instantly. All pictures are generated on the fly in the cloud in the most cost effiencient way.

Enable direct 3D interaction

Experience unbelieveable interaction possibilities without any latency. Let your customers deeply explore your products.

Empower every touchpoint

Our 3D Configurator empoweres every touchpoint along the customer journey. This helps to keep track of your customers behavior mapped on your product portfolio.

Digital Twin all stakeholders

Provide the correct and approved product to every stakeholder during the entire product-lifecycle within one solution.

And that is not all.

Trusted by OEMs worldwide


We automate and simplify image and content creation.
From R&D to order to delivery.


Our software packages TWIN, SOLOGIC, VRCM, SPOT and VARY are seamlessly integratable into your processes without changing them.


Our solutions help you with to save time and money within recurring tasks throughout your entire product lifecycle.


With our custom services we are a full one stop provider for impressive images, content and process enhancements for your marketing departments.

Why Topalsson


Over 10 years automotive experience

We started long ago and sum up more than 10 years experience in various fields of automotive department’s processes and cycles. We help to tackle all challenges within product and processd data.

Process orientation

We have a broad experience and know the challenges in the entire product lifecylce process from R&D, Engineering, Production, Sales&Marketing, Aftersales to the customer Touchpoints.

Simple seamless integration

Due to our software design you don’t have to change your current running systems or implement complex APIs. Share your data – we build a seperate layer that supports and answers all questions.

Data orientation

We understand a product as data in a data cycle. We connect to every possible given data source through our connectors to get an enriched digital twin, always in daily sync to its relevant sources.

Discover the benefits of the Digital Twin for your business.

Call us. We are moRE THAN HAPPY TO PRESENT the entireTY usecases for your Digital Twin to you.

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